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  • Best of Hospitality Volume II

    Interior Design BooksShawn Basler, Principal in Charge

    Best of Hospitality Volume II is a compilation of today's best work in hospitality design. Industry stalwarts and start-ups alike are featured in a cumulative collection of projects, exemplifying the best in hospitality design from across the globe—from mega-resorts to boutique hotels and from nightclubs to chic cafes. The Quin, designed by Perkins Eastman, is a new luxury boutique hotel in the heart of Midtown Manhattan, at the corner of 57th Street and Sixth Avenue, situated at the junction of New York City’s best offerings for fine art, culture, fashion, and leisure.

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  • Building Type Basics for Senior Living, 2nd Edition

    John Wiley & Sons, Inc.Bradford Perkins FAIA and J. David Hoglund FAIA (Primary Authors)

    Building Type Basics for Senior Living, Second Edition is your one-stop reference for essential information you need to plan and successfully complete the design of residential care environments for seniors on time and within budget. Primary authors Bradford Perkins and J. David Hoglund and their Perkins Eastman colleagues—all experts in senior living design—share firsthand knowledge to guide you through all aspects of the design of senior living communities, including independent living and assisted living apartments, and skilled nursing facilities. This edition features new examples of completed projects and is up to date with the latest developments in senior living design, including coverage of sustainable design, renovation and reinvention, international opportunities, operations, and project financing.

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  • Building Type Basics for Elementary and Secondary Schools, 2nd Edition

    John Wiley & Sons, Inc.By Bradford Perkins (Author) and Raymond Bordwell (Author)

    The second edition of Building Type Basics for Elementary and Secondary Schools provides essential information for the design of elementary and secondary schools. This new edition is up-to-date with the latest developments in school design with a fresh look at technology’s influence in the classroom, along with current research that shows how school buildings can impact teaching and learning. Highly illustrated with project photographs, diagrams, floor plans, and details, this book combines in-depth coverage of the structural, mechanical, acoustic, traffic, and safety issues unique to schools. In this volume of the Building Type Basics Series, authors Bradford Perkins and Raymond Bordwell offer years of planning and design expertise for schools.

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  • International Practice for Architects

    John Wiley & Sons, Inc.Bradford Perkins, FAIA, Author

    This is the primary reference for US architects seeking to establish or expand their services in other countries. The book provides country-specific information on targeting foreign client groups and US client groups with projects abroad; contacting local professional organizations; deciphering foreign practice and licensing requirements, foreign building code and regulatory issues, and customary contractual and fee arrangements; and establishing or enhancing relationships with local practitioners.

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  • Healthcare Spaces No.6

    Visual Profile BooksRoger Yee (Author)

    The wide range of recently completed projects presented in this edition graphically display how knowledge, creativity and determination can transform such varied spaces as patient rooms, surgical suites, emergency rooms, imaging centers, staff lounges, catheterization laboratories, LDRP suites and wellness centers into functional and aesthetic venues for both healthcare provider and patient. This edition contains over 90 outstanding examples of modern healing environments and 250+ color images from leading design firms. Perkins Eastman’s healthcare practice is represented with projects from Memorial Sloan-Kettering, Danbury Hospital, St. Vincent’s Medical Center, and New York Hospital Queens.

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  • Hospital Architecture

    Braun Christine Nickl-Weller, Hans Nickl (editors)

    Rapid advances in medicine coupled with increasingly aging societies have considerably changed the requirements of medical services. Today, the hospital sector must comply with more than norms and functions: Health care facilities are in a stage of transition from purely care-providing institutions to service-oriented health care providers. Perkins Eastman’s work at the Queens Hospital Center and Danbury Hospital NICU are featured.

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  • Designing Hospitals of the Future

    Prism Books Pvt LtdBy GD Kunders (Editor), Richard Sprow AIA (Chapter Author), and Cherise Poulin (Chapter Author)

    Tapping on the experience of experts, Designing Hospitals of the Future presents a large number of illustrations, examples, and designs on both basic and advanced subjects in hospital architecture; right from examination, treatment and nursing care to green building and Vaastu. The book has a wealth of photographs and floor plans on some of the best designed hospitals, not only in India but also abroad. The entire book facilitates easy comparison of different hospitals in terms of size, function and design approach. Perkins Eastman contributed chapters on Interior Design for Healthcare and Planning Hospitals of the Future.

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  • A Stronger, More Resilient New York

    NYCEDCSpecial Initiative for Rebuilding and Resiliency

    This report is a comprehensive plan that contains actionable recommendations both for rebuilding the communities impacted by Sandy and increasing the resilience of infrastructure and buildings citywide. The Principals of EE&K a Perkins Eastman company contributed to the South Queens Community Rebuilding and Resiliency chapter of the report.

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  • Architect's Essentials of Starting, Assessing, and Transitioning a Design Firm

    John Wiley & Sons, Inc.Bradford Perkins (Author), Peter Piven (Co-Author)

    As part of The Architect's Essentials of Professional Practice series, this practical, applied, concise, and user-friendly volume offers a step-by-step guide to understanding and evaluating the goals, risks, and rewards of starting a firm. It covers the basics of firm organization, personnel requirements, legal considerations, fee setting, marketing issues, and the essentials of strategic and business plans. It also addresses how to get started: how to create your first business plan, evaluate initial needs and costs, create a budget, and a produce a list of action items to get started.

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  • The Architect’s Guide to Design-Build Services

    John Wiley & Sons, Inc./The AmericanInstitute of Architects (AIA)G. William Quatman II, FAIA, Esq. (Editor), Ranjit Dhar, FRAIC (Editor), Bradford Perkins (Author), Jonathan N. Stark (Author)

    Both Bradford Perkins and Jonathan N. Stark (both Principal and Directors of Perkins Eastman), among others, offer professional insight for design-build as a viable, if not preferred, method of project delivery. This is a useful guide is not only for architects, but also engineering firms, public- and private-sector owners, contractors, and property and facility managers.

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  • 1000 x Architecture of the Americas


    Featuring the work of Perkins Eastman, this comprehensive compendium provides a unique opportunity to explore the powerful diversity from Canada to Chile, from the United States to Barbados based on the inimitable conditions in each of the countries by featuring the best recent projects. At the same time it also reveals what unites the architecture of the Americas. Hospitals, airports, stadiums, churches, museums, houses, and other building types are presented by means of concise text, outstanding photos and informative drawings.

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  • Contemporary Living Spaces for the Elderly

    MONSAOscar Mira (Author)

    With today’s rapid advances in technology and medical care, as well as greater awareness of health related issues, people are beginning to live longer than ever before. Contemporary Living Spaces for the Elderly is a lavishly illustrated volume that examines one of most crucial challenges facing today’s professional architects—how to design attractive yet functional environments for the elderly. Featuring full-color photographs and illustrations, plus architectural plans, this is a must-have volume for anyone interested in this rapidly expanding field of architecture. The book features C.C. Young: The Point and Grand Rapids Dominican Sisters: Marywood Center; both designed by Perkins Eastman.

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  • Educational Environments No. 5

    Visual Profile Books

    With new and renovated projects from over 25 leading architectural/design firms specializing in the education field, EE-5 presents a new direction that is being created in the design and architecture of educational spaces. This full-color book showcases over 80 projects featuring the most creative and innovative work being done in the field of education. The programming, planning and design of educational facilities including public and private primary and secondary schools, colleges and universities, as well as libraries, corporate training facilities, convention centers, and daycare centers are featured. Projects include the Appalachian Colligate Center at Binghamton University, the Concordia International School Shanghai High School, Stoddert Elementary School in Washington DC, and the Mott Haven Campus in Bronx, NY.

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  • Educational Environments No. 4

    Visual Reference Publications

    This volume illustrates how educational facilities create value for their owners, making long-term investments in building products, interior furnishings, and technological infrastructure, to establish enduring physical assets that optimize life cycle costs. The volume features over 100 projects featuring the most creative and innovative projects done in the field of education including Chongqing Library, Highpoint University, Concordia International School, and Princeton Day School—all designed by Perkins Eastman.

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  • Sustainable Commercial Interiors, 2nd Edition

    John Wiley & Sons, Inc.Penny Bonda FASID, LEED Fellow and Katie Sosnowchik LEED Green Assoc. (Authors)

    The green building movement has been successful in recent years in large part because it has focused on looking to the future, looking to what we as architects, interior designers, and urban planners can change for the better rather than dwell on factors that cannot be altered. The authors offer this thorough overview of where the green building movement has taken us, supported by myriad examples of commercial interiors projects across the globe, both new and retrofit, from some of the world’s leading progressive designers. Perkins Eastman’s LEED Gold designs for the BBC Worldwide Americas Headquarters in New York is among the projects highlighted in Chapter 9, “Substance and Style.”

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