Hospital Luis Vernaza / Perkins Eastman

Hospital Luis Vernaza

Guayaquil, Ecuador
Perkins Eastman is privileged to work for a very special healthcare organization in South America that tests the very definition of extraordinary care. La Junta de Beneficencia de Guayaquil, located in Ecuador, is run by an all volunteer board of 40 members whose unique philanthropic organization, formed 126 years ago, practices a singular mission of giving back to the community. Giving back is taken to an all new level when one realizes the organization operates four major hospitals, four large scale schools, two elderly homes as well as the cities cemetery and various other institutions free of charge to the poorest of the world’s poor. Activities are funded through generous donations and a National lottery formed to support this work. The donations are so generous that they are the single largest landholder in their City of four million inhabitants; and yet their single focus is on serving people.

The contract focuses on the development of a MasterPlan for an 800 bed General Hospital entitled Hospital Luis Vernaza. Parts of the original building was built in 1564, however the hospital formally became part of the Junta in 1942. Stepping into this hospital is like a journey back into the medical past. Patients are still cared for in 30-bed communal wards, which blanket the hillside campus. Over the years a number of upgrades have been conducted and leave the facility in various states of preparedness. As growth proceeded in the past, program elements were placed wherever space was available as opposed to developing an overall growth strategy.

Perkins Eastman has begun to map out a plan to advance Vernaza into the next millennium. Along with an overall program reorganization, a number of new program elements will either be renovated or constructed. This will include a new emergency department, outpatient medical center, 200 new patient beds, laboratory, post-op recovery department, as well as parking and infrastructure facilities upgrades.