Charter Communications / Perkins Eastman

Charter Communications

Stamford, Connecticut
Charter Communications, with its corporate base of operations in St. Louis and Denver, established a new corporate headquarters to be closer to the center of activities and talent in the communications business. The two-floor, 70,000 sf headquarters utilized the ideals of the Charter brand to tell the story of their success and vision for the future through the built environment.

Based on Perkins Eastman’s background in the design for Fortune 100 and 500 corporations, the design team developed a strategic project implementation schedule that organized all client and team members meeting and deliverable targets in order to keep the process moving and the project goals at the forefront.

Perkins Eastman developed a vision for the new work environment through programming and space standards, brand integration, general space signage, as well as selection and coordination of all new furniture for the space. The project was delivered on a fast track basis and completed in less than six months from design to move in.