Rutgers University: School of Nursing & Science Building / Perkins Eastman

Rutgers University: School of Nursing & Science Building

Camden, New Jersey
Perkins Eastman is the design architect for a new 95,000 sf School for Nursing and Science at Rutgers University in downtown Camden, New Jersey. Prominently located across from City Hall, the project will serve as a figurative and literal link between Rutgers’s Camden campus and Rowan University’s Cooper Medical Center.

In response to changing models in healthcare delivery, healthcare education, and science learning, the facility will include a variety of academic teaching space, simulation labs, research space, and offices for use by the nursing, physics, and biology departments; a lecture hall and general classroom spaces for use by the entire campus; and public and community resources, including retail.

With a prominent façade toward the City Hall green, the building will activate the street level through retail and enhance the light rail transportation system with a pedestrian plaza. Inside, the primary “student street” corridor will mirror the movement and energy of the city’s urban circulation systems. A series of interconnected interior terraces cascading up through the building will encourage collaboration and community, while the interior environment will emphasize health and wellness through extensive daylighting, visual connections, and transparency.

Designed to LEED Silver standards, the design incorporates energy-efficient systems and green materials throughout.